What is qdslrdashboard

qDslrDashboard is a powerful app that not only allows you to remotely control your camera, it upgrades the capabilities of your current camera with the best new features of today's cameras.


WHY qDslrDashboard

  • Get the latest features: You don't have to buy a new camera to get the latest features.
  • Razor sharp focus: Focusing on things like stars has never been easier with features like focus zooming and focus peaking.
  • Take your timelapses to a whole new level: LRTimelapse makes it simple and automatic to shoot smooth flicker free timelapses.
  • Advanced HDR: Custom bracketing allows for the most advanced and precise HDR control.
  • Forget the math: With built in calculators that autofill your setting for depth-of-field and capturing star trails, you can focus on what's most important; getting the shot.